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A silent disco is a unique way of experiencing music – guests wear wireless headphones and a silent atmosphere instantly transforms into a high energy musical performance. When the silent disco headphones are on, the sound is crisp and clear all over the dance floor.

Why not slip your headphones off and take a moment to observe the crowd? You’ll get a kick out of hearing what the dance floor sounds like without music!.

There are 2-3 channels on each set of silent disco headphones. This allows the ability to transmit two separate frequencies of music at the same time, in the same venue, to the same audience. Along with volume control, your guests have full control over which channel they listen to enabling a choice not attainable with traditional speaker systems.

A silent disco is a perfect solution if your chosen venue is limited with times that is can allow loud music, something which may cause problems with a regular disco.

Our silent discos will provide great fun and entertainment and will be a talking point and lasting memory for you and your guests long after your event has finished.